Cybersecurity & Compliance Bundles

Improving cybersecurity maturity in regulated industries requires a focus on security as well as compliance requirements. The burden of creating a comprehensive, layered defense is the responsibility of IT and security professionals who are also tasked with running the day-to-day business.

With increased compliance oversight and additional regulations being mandated, companies need help assessing their environments, testing their controls, and making sure they have the right technology and monitoring in place—end-to-end security while meeting compliance demands.

Cybersecurity & Compliance Bundles

Depending on your cybersecurity maturity and incident response readiness, SilverSky offers three purpose-built bundles to help you accelerate your progress while giving you the resources you need to have a layered defense securing your IT infrastructure.


The Foundation bundle is a standard cybersecurity solution that every business should have in place. It helps you to identify vulnerabilities, monitor your most attacked vectors, manage your perimeter devices, and formulate an incident response plan.


The Core bundle provides everything in the Foundation bundle with the added benefit of an assessment of your IT controls for compliance purposes, monitoring of your perimeter devices, two-factor authentication, and advanced email protection.


The Advanced bundle reduces business and compliance risk by creating a proactive layered defense with a full arsenal of security tools to monitor and manage servers, networks and endpoints, and services to understand potential risks and measure your cybersecurity maturity.

Why SilverSky?


  • For two decades, businesses operating in the most regulated industries have trusted us to safeguard their data and IT infrastructure
  • Visibility across your entire security architecture, not just a single technology
  • Flexible and easy reporting making security ROI and compliance reporting easy
  • Streamline and centralize your monitoring, freeing your IT teams to increase overall security
  • Alleviate the strain of technical and human resource complexity


alerts triaged annually


increase in alerts annually

“In the first week of implementing the solution, SilverSky’s solution made eight detections. That’s eight infected emails that would have reached our C-level users. It quickly became apparent throughout the organization why we had purchased the solution.”

-VP Network Security, Community Bank

Managed Detection and Response Product Sheet

From the data center to the endpoint, managed detection and response provides end-to-end protection.

Before You Sign a Managed Security Services Contract

This white paper explains what you need to know about selecting a Managed Security Services vendor.

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The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod found itself especially appreciative of SilverSky’s comprehensive solution set—particularly as they rapidly, but securely, enabled employees to work remotely.


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