Email Protection Suite

Email is the number one threat vector for cybersecurity attacks. Protect yourself from ransomware, malware, phishing campaigns, and business email compromise.

Cybercriminals recognize that corporate email is a critical business function and its prevalence as the primary mode of business communications makes it an easy target. Signature-based anti-virus and standard reputation-based anti-spam solutions are no longer sufficient to protect against the sophisticated payloads and social engineering attacks we see today.

As compliance requirements become more stringent, you need to ensure your email system is protected from attacks and that your data and confidential information is encrypted while in-transit or at rest.

Advanced Email Protection


Reduces risk exposure and corporate liability by safeguarding your email with anti-virus and anti-spam technologies that block malicious software and spam at the gateway.

Social Engineering Protection

Protects end-users from email attacks such as business email compromise, whaling and CEO fraud.

Targeted Attack Protection

Advanced cloud-based service that stops targeted attacks, spear phishing, longline phishing and advanced zero-day exploits without relying on anti-virus signatures.

Advanced Compliance

Data Loss Prevention

Content-aware policies normally reserved for standalone enterprise technology help companies of all sizes guard against insider threats.

Email Encryption

Policy-based email encryption makes it easy to send encrypted secure email to anyone regardless of email systems.

Email Continuity

Email Continuity safely stores your messages off-site in our secure data center and makes it easy to fulfill e-discovery and audit requests while maintaining critical business continuity.

Email Archiving

Email Archiving allows companies to review, discover, and audit their electronic stored communications. Email Archiving increases accuracy and efficiency over outdated, costly, and incomplete manual processes.

Why SilverSky?


  • SilverSky offers complete email protection against targeted attacks, phishing and business email compromise
  • SilverSky will help you meet regulatory compliance obligations through robust data loss prevention and encryption tools
  • SilverSky’s Email Protection Suite integrates with any email platform and provides the flexibility to support on-premise or cloud-hosted email
  • SilverSky’s state-of-the-art Security Operations Centers provide around-the-clock monitoring using advanced analytics and machine learning combined with extensive experience to ensure your alerts are real and actionable.

Do more with your cloud email and collaboration tools

For many companies, email, office productivity, and collaboration tools are purchased with office efficiency in mind but without much regard for security. SilverSky offers cloud email, office productivity, and collaboration tools with security layered into the bundle.

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Social Engineering attempts blocked per month


spam emails blocked per month


mailboxes migrated


decades of partnership with Microsoft

“SilverSky’s Email Protection Services have been huge for us. The solution has made an immediate impact on improving our security, and with just a four-person IT department, we would not be able to manage all the email protection capabilities, host our Exchange, and focus on the other banking services were it not for SilverSky managing that for us.”

-VP Network Security, Community Bank

Email Protection Services Product Sheet

Trusted Cybersecurity for an Uncertain World

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Trusted Cybersecurity for an Uncertain World

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Targeted Attack Protection

Targeted Attack Protection

Over 77% of malware installations come from email, and just 10 malicious targeted emails guarantee a breach because of the effort cyber thieves take to make messages look so real – like they have come from a reliable source.

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Social Engineering Protection

Social Engineering Protection

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Email Protection Services

Email Protection Services

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Managed Detection & Response

Comprehensive solutions to detect, prioritize, and address security incidents.

Managed Security Services

24 X 7 X 365 monitoring, management, and system maintenance.

Email Protection Suite

Monitor and manage your email environment with advanced email security and compliance protections.

Cloud Email & Collaboration

Cloud office productivity enhanced with proven security and compliance protection.

How does SilverSky's integrated stack of solutions meet your needs?

Compliance & Risk Services

Assess your program and controls, benchmark and identify areas for improvement. Develop your security roadmap for investment and improvements. Effectively measure ROI and impact on your security posture

Incident Response Readiness

Incident Response Plan Development / Review. Incident Response Readiness Review. Emergency Incident Response.

Discuss your compliance, risk management and incident response readiness needs.

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Financial Services

1,500+ small & mid-sized financial institutions rely on SilverSky to meet and exceed FFEIC, GLBA and PCI DSS requirements and overall cybersecurity needs.


Hundreds of small & mid-sized healthcare organizations rely on SilverSky to address HIPAA and other regulatory requirements and serve overall cybersecurity needs.


Small and mid-sized retail organizations count on SilverSky to maintain PCI DSS requirements, secure customer data and reduce cybersecurity threats.

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Product Sheets

SilverSky product and services information at your fingertips. Product data sheets, compliance matrixes, & brochures.

How Exposed Are You?

Take the test to see how your security program compares with other businesses like yours.

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