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With the acceleration of cyber threats across new security vectors, the effort, skill, and technology needed to defend against these dangers continues to dramatically increase and become more complex. Security teams can quickly become overwhelmed. For over 20 years, SilverSky has evolved as a managed security service provider to serve the security and regulatory needs of our small and mid-sized clients with simple and cost-effective solutions. We specialize in serving highly regulated sectors.

UTM Monitoring


Security Monitoring


Managed UTM


Network and Compliance

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Security Monitoring

Monitoring the perimeter with firewalls is no longer good enough. Companies need to monitor all points of contact within their estate. This means networks, servers, databases, people and endpoints. The most efficient way to achieve this is with a professionally staffed Security Operations Center or SOC as a service.

SilverSky Security Monitoring will monitor perimeter and core security devices to provide sufficient protection to exceed regulatory compliance.

SilverSky’s Managed Security Services portfolio includes:

UTM Monitoring

24 X 7 X 365 monitoring of your firewalls, intrusion detection tools and gateway anti-virus/anti-spam in a SOC-as-a-Service model that provides experienced, trusted cybersecurity experts watching over your company with deep analytics, machine learning and most importantly, eyes-on-glass to respond quickly, alert your organization of threats, and provide meaningful remediation advice.

Security Monitoring

To be effective, monitoring has to go beyond the perimeter. SilverSky’s Security Monitoring does that by bringing the same professional monitoring to your DNS and Active Directory servers, your endpoints and email servers. This detection lets you know what is happening inside the perimeter in real-time.

Managed UTM

Keeping Unified Threat Management (UTM) devices patched and updated can be an arduous, time-consuming task for internal security teams. Unpatched devices are a major exposure for new threats and malware attacks. SilverSky Managed UTM ensures all of your UTM devices are up-to-date with the latest security patches to safeguard against these exposures.

Network and Compliance

SilverSky offers additional services to ensure your infrastructure is providing true end-to-end security, including SD-WAN, to improve network security at a fraction of the cost of MPLS. Additionally, Log Management and File Integrity Management support your compliance reporting needs.

Why SilverSky?

  • For two decades, businesses operating in the most regulated industries have trusted us to safeguard their data and IT infrastructure
  • Visibility across your entire security architecture, not just a single technology
  • Flexible and easy reporting making security ROI and compliance reporting easy
  • Streamline and centralize your monitoring, freeing your IT teams to increase overall security
  • Alleviate the strain of technical and human resource complexity


alerts triaged annually


increase in alerts annually
“In the first week of implementing the solution, SilverSky’s solution made eight detections. That’s eight infected emails that would have reached our C-level users. It quickly became apparent throughout the organization why we had purchased the solution.”

-VP Network Security, Community Bank

Reducing Your Largest Cybersecurity Cost

36% of cybersecurity costs are spent on attack discovery. This guide is dedicated to how small- and medium-sized businesses can reduce these costs with managed security services.

Inside the Perimeter: Security Event Monitoring

The on-demand webinar explores SilverSky Security Monitoring which monitors servers inside your perimeter against threats like cache poisoning, network floods, LDAP reconnaissance, PowerSploit activity, and data exfiltration. This service brings managed security to a whole new level.

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Financial Services

1,500+ small & mid-sized financial institutions rely on SilverSky to meet and exceed FFEIC, GLBA and PCI DSS requirements and overall cybersecurity needs.


Hundreds of small & mid-sized healthcare organizations rely on SilverSky to address HIPAA and other regulatory requirements and serve overall cybersecurity needs.


Small and mid-sized retail organizations count on SilverSky to maintain PCI DSS requirements, secure customer data and reduce cybersecurity threats.

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