As every day passes, we hear about another breach within the retail industry. It’s not surprising, as retail is the industry most affected by data security incidents, and it’s not just big brands that are in the news. Small to mid-size merchants are hit at an even higher rate than large organizations with big security budgets.

Small to mid-size merchants hold the key to a significant amount of financial information and often don’t have the resources or know-how to comply with PCI DSS. Other merchants know that complying with PCI DSS isn’t enough to eliminate security incidents.

Retail merchants know that protecting point-of-sale software and systems and e-commerce sites are critical activities. However, networking and other endpoint systems are often overlooked.

If you’re trying to achieve compliance across your entire company while tracking and thwarting threats, as well as remediating with confidence, you’ll likely face the following needs and challenges:

Ongoing Monitoring & Maintenance

24 X 7 X 365 monitoring and ongoing system maintenance requiring bandwidth you can’t expect from your IT department.

Detection & Response

The diligence needed to stay ahead of cyber security threats, meet compliance demands and prevent breeches, while reducing false positives.


Email Monitoring & Management

State-of-the-art monitoring and management of email environments. Address risks running through your business, including insider threats.

Cloud Email & Collaboration

Increasing productivity for communications infrastructures, while rising to ever-increasing compliance demands.

Compliance Demands

Keeping up with changing regulations causing concerns that you may be forced to adopt point solutions, fragmenting your security and leaving you vulnerable to attack.

Incident Response

Manage the complexity of cyber incident response, including compliance and regulatory-related incident response issues.

Why SilverSky?

  • We help you to look beyond compliance and arriving at the best security program for your organization.
  • Security investment ROI considerations are front and center.
  • We have a firm focus on helping you easily meet compliance needs and securing your network.
  • We can help you address access management concerns with third-party suppliers and vendors who may have access to your networks

Allowing Retail Merchants to Meet and Exceed Regulations and Guidelines

SilverSky’s suite of products and services helps merchants meet and exceed the regulatory demands of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), legislation that sets the standard for security of consumer credit card and financial data. Learn more about how SilverSky helps merchants comply with:

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) guidelines









“It’s critical we have the ability to differentiate ourselves within our marketplace while at the same time ensuring our data – and most importantly, our customer’s data – remains safe.”

-VP of Network Services

Managed Detection and Response ebook

How CISOs Are Rebalancing Prevention, Detection, and Response

This eBook explores cybersecurity’s delicate balance.

Trusted Cybersecurity for an Uncertain World

Learn more about the suite of SilverSky products and services.

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Managed Detection and Response

Comprehensive solutions to detect, prioritize, and address security incidents.

Managed Security Services

24 X 7 X 365 monitoring, management, and system maintenance.


Managed Endpoint Detection and Response

Protects against all threat vectors.

Email Protection Suite

Monitor and manage your email environment with advanced email security and compliance protections.

Cloud Email and Collaboration

Cloud office productivity enhanced with proven security and compliance protection.

How does SilverSky's integrated stack of solutions meet your needs?

Compliance and Risk Services

Assess your program and controls, benchmark and identify areas for improvement. Develop your security roadmap for investment and improvements. Effectively measure ROI and impact on your security posture

Incident Response Readiness

Incident Response Plan Development / Review. Incident Response Readiness Review. Emergency Incident Response.

Discuss your compliance, risk management and incident response readiness needs.

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Financial Services

1,500+ small & mid-sized financial institutions rely on SilverSky to meet and exceed FFEIC, GLBA and PCI DSS requirements and overall cybersecurity needs.


Hundreds of small & mid-sized healthcare organizations rely on SilverSky to address HIPAA and other regulatory requirements and serve overall cybersecurity needs.


Small and mid-sized retail organizations count on SilverSky to maintain PCI DSS requirements, secure customer data and reduce cybersecurity threats.

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Product Sheets

SilverSky product and services information at your fingertips. Product data sheets, compliance matrixes, & brochures.

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